Teenage beauty trends that definitely didn’t work.


It takes a lot of courage to root through photos documenting your teen years, doesn’t it? Had we NO idea what we looked like or were we actually HAPPY with our appearance? Most of us definitely stood by our decision to rock purple hair mascara and eyeliner that would impress Alice Cooper, but now, with the passage of time, we see the startling horror that was our teenage beauty trends. Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we? Ladies, brace yourselves.

We have Avril Lavigne to thank for this one. We spent HOURS outlining our eyes with the darkest kohl we could get our hands on. What did it do for us? Nothing.

Glitter eyeshadow
Oooh, that cheap shimmer and sparkle really brings out your eyes and looks great flaking on to your cheeks, said no one ever.

Poker straight hair
Again, Ms.  Lavigne can take a step forward. If your hair wasn’t straightened within an inch of its life, you may as well give up.  And what about the pre- GHD years? Yeah, we used irons. Clothes irons. On our heads. Moving on.

Chunky highlights
“I’d like a stripe of brown, then a stripe of blonde, then a stripe of brown…” said everyone, everywhere.

Body sprays
The sugary and sweeter, the better, right? If we didn’t smell like a walking strawberry then we were definitely doing it wrong. Subtle notes of a light fragrance? No sir. Now, shake up that can and blast me!