Vardkar reveals new public measures to combat Covid-19


Leo Varadkar has announced new public health measures to slow the spread of Covid-19. He revealed that all non-essential shops will now be closed, including hairdressers, bookies, theatres, clubs, gyms, markets, bingo halls and more.

Cafes and restaurants will only be able to offer a take-away option to customers. Pharmacies and supermarkets will remain open.

All sporting events have now been cancelled. Playgrounds and holiday parks will also close. 

Hotels will remain open but for non-social and non-tourist reasons.

Schools will remain closed until further notice and will not re-open on March 29.

There is no limit on how often people can leave their homes. However, Vardkar stressed that people should only leave home for essential reasons.

"You should only leave home to go to work, to get essential supplies, or to attend medical and dental appointments."

The public must avoid crowded places and non-essential indoor visits to people’s homes must be avoided. Social gatherings must be limited to four people- unless they’re from the same household.

People are also instructed to work from home, unless attending their workplace is an essential.

The new measures will remain in place until April 19.