#TallGirlProblems: Twitter has your back if you’re taller than average

If you're a woman and in around the six-foot mark, there's a pretty good chance you spend a dispiriting amount of time explaining your height to people.

It becomes such a normal part of your routine it's highly likely you actually have stock answers for the myriad of remarks made to you on a daily basis.

It's also highly likely that you encounter the same series of problems on the regular, and if you do, so too do other tall ladies.

And Twitter is here to prove it.

1. Aaaaaaand stretch.

2. It's a genuine problem.

3. That's because it IS an achievement.

4. Is it that much to ask, in fairness?

5. Yep. 

6. Been there. 

7. Don't mind us. 

8. No, seriously.

9. They didn't think it through. 

10. And our personal favourite…