Talk about a no-frills aeroplane


Talk about a no-frills airline! Seriously, if the latest concept is brought in to aeroplanes we’ll be catching the boat.

Economy seating is about to change a whole lot and not necessarily for the better. Airbus, who manufacture aeroplanes, has designed a new type of seat that will mean airlines will be able to squish more passengers onto them – 50 more passengers to be exact.

The seats are similar to bicycle saddles and don’t look particularly comfortable, although the patent filing does acknowledge the “reduced comfort” adding that it is more “tolerable for passengers” going short-haul. Eh, really?

Mary Anne Greczyn, spokeswoman for Airbus, says the idea is still just a concept and might not be developed: “Many, if not most, of these concepts will never be developed, but in case the future of commercial aviation makes one of our patents relevant, our work is protected,”

Here’s hoping it doesn’t come in – aeroplanes are already making us feel a little claustrophobic.