White Chicks was possibly one of our favourite movies of the 00's. It was something you could just sit back and laugh at (which was perfect for hangover days).

And now, one of the film's White Chicks, Marlon Wayan wants to bring the movie back.

He took to social media a couple of months ago to show off a doctored picture of White Chicks 2 and said if it surpasses 300,000 likes he'll talk to the studio about making a sequel. It has now received over 1.5 million likes and Marlon is making it his "mission" for a comeback.

"The response has been overwhelming and amazing," Marlon said on Instagram.

“This movie is something that my fans really want, this is a movie that definitely should be made. I’m on a mission to make this happen. I know with all that’s happened in the pop culture and the socialite circles since the original ‘White Chicks’ we can surely knock a sequel way out the park.”

We're totally hoping he can actually make this happen now!