If you're anything like us, having a glass of wine with a meal means picking the cheapest bottle on the list and hoping for the best – after all, our 'teat yo'self' budgets can only stretch so far.

For others, however, the process of choosing a suitable wine is much more time-consuming altogether.

Whatever your wine drinking habits, researchers at Michigan State University have concluded that most people fit into one of four wine-drinking preference categories – or vinotypes, if you will.

For the study, a group of adults were asked about their food and beverage preferences, and their consumption patterns.

Researchers then held a reception where participants were asked to rate various snacks and wines individually, then together.

According to The Independent, after observing the participants, researchers were able to predict wine preferences based on the data gathered about their eating, drinking and other personal habits – leading to the creation of the four vinotypes. 

1. Sweet – Very picky. Looking for something sweet, light and no too strong. Typically love soda and foods with excess salt.

2. Hypersensitive – Slightly more open-mined. Will try a new wine as long as its simple and clean. These types of drinkers are most likely to complain about TV volume and thermostat temperature.

3. Sensitive – Flexible and adventurous. Free-spirited and less rigid in their every day lives.

4. Tolerant – Lovers of big, bold and intense flavours. Decisive and linear thinkers. Typically enjoy strong coffee and cheese.

So, which one are you?