Adele made quite the revelation during her most recent concert in London on Friday night.

While taking a break from singing, she chatted to the crowd about Rihanna and how she's banned herself from hanging out with the star.

And while she was talking about the Bajan beauty, she admitted she didn't want to lose her voice or get high by partying with RiRi.

The mother-of-one announced that she's headlining Glastonbury this summer, but needs to stay away from the party girl.

"I love her. I'm thinking of going to Coventry to watch Rihanna because she's playing Wembley the day before I play Glastonbury, and if I go to that, I'll have no voice, I know it," she told her fans.

"All the weed in the air – I'll get stoned. But, I love her, honestly, all of that new album I love."