The festive season really is a time of excess and indulgence, and it's easy to let your healthy habits slip.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid over the next few weeks…

1. Assuming all veg is healthy
Yes, vegetables are generally the best choice when filling up your plate, but be aware of how certain dishes have been cooked. Creamed veg or cream-filled soups should be eaten in moderation, and watch out for veggies that have been fried in butter or that have fatty or sugary glazes.

2. Not eating before a party
It might seem like a stellar idea to skip lunch so that you can make up for the lost calories with an extra cocktail, but eating less throughout the day will mean you're far more likely to overeat in the evenings. Mindlessly picking at plates of finger food is a surefire way to ruin all of your hard work. Keep healthy snacks like raw almonds on hand to keep hunger at bay before you head out.

3. Beating yourself up about skipping the gym
Christmas is a busy, busy time and some days it's impossible to fit everything in. If you've had to miss that spinning class or cardio session, it's not the end of the world. If you're finding that a daily hour long gym session is too time-consuming this month, try to fit in smaller exercise sessions – a 15 or 20 minute jog before your morning shower will do you the world of good.

4. Letting every day be a cheat day
You've promised yourself you'll be on top of your diet plan today, and yet your willpower disappears as soon as your co-worker arrives with a box of Roses. Try to save your indulgences for special treats – your mum's mince pies or that cheeky glass of Baileys.

5. Getting the office nibbles
Okay, you've had one biscuit from that Christmas box. Just the one, though. Until you get up to use the printer. Sure, just one more, so. It's easy to overeat on treats without noticing, so be aware of what you're snacking on and try to make healthier choices!

6. Cramming too much activity in
With friends and family to catch up with, your Christmas social diary can become over packed before you know it. Avoid burning yourself out by only saying "yes" to events you really can't miss.