Gwyneth Paltrow spoke last night about the pain of dealing with her father’s death from oral cancer back in 2002.

The actress appeared at a star-studded Stand Up To Cancer fundraiser in LA, at which many celebrities – including Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba – spoke for the cause.

Addressing the crowd, Gwyneth opened up about the deeply personal affect that cancer has had on her life. “Earlier today, one of my dear friends attended his mom's memorial service. In July she was diagnosed with leukaemia and died just last week. She was a wonderful person and I'm thinking of you and your family. I hope you're together remembering all the love… It’s what gets me through every time I think about my father. Everyone knows someone who's been affected by cancer so everyone please give.”

Pierce Brosnan also spoke touchingly about the deaths of his first wife Cassandra in 1991, and the passing of his daughter Charlotte last year.

“I held the generous, strong, beautiful hand of my first wife Cassie as ovarian cancer took her life much too soon,” he said. “And just last year, I held the hand of my funny, wonderful daughter Charlotte before she too died from this wretched, inherited disease.”