Now, we love our food and trying new things here in Shemazing! HQ, BUT a tenner for ONE crisp? You're having a laugh…

A Swedish brewery named St Erik thinks that regular crisps are ruining the taste of their posh beer, so the company made their own, and apparently, they're the "world's most exclusive crisps.

"We felt we were missing a snack of the same status to serve with it. A first class beer deserves a first class snack," St Erik's spokesperson said.

The crisps come in a little black box, in which they are all individually wrapped. They also have five different flavours which include Matsutsake (mushroom), truffle seaweed, crown dill, leksand onion, and India pale ale. The cost? €51.


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According to Aterirt, the crisps are so exclusive because the potatoes can only be found in a stony slope which is inaccessible to modern farming machinery.

Only 100 boxes of the snack were made and they're already sold out.

We don't know about you, but those five crisps would be gone in one mouthful.