Unlike women, men aren’t particularly good when it comes to details. Whether you’ve worn a pair of shoes a thousand times or not, he just won’t notice. So if he doesn’t compliment you on your new highlights, don’t hold it against him – he’s just being a man.

Here are some of the things you shouldn’t get mad about:

Shaved/unshaved pins
Unless your legs look anything like Big Foot’s, he isn’t going to notice a bit of stubble.

New shoes
As far as he’s concerned, all shoes are the same. As are bags, jeans and coats.

That’s far too detailed for him or any other man. They just don’t see what we do.

A new shade of lipstick
It’s almost like all your efforts of finding that new shade has gone right out the window, right? Red is red in his books.

No make-up
Don’t look so shocked, sometimes they don’t notice you have no make-up on your face. So if you’re planning to stay the night, don’t worry about taking off your paint, it really doesn’t make a difference to him.