It seems that McDonalds is committed to giving customers exactly what they want.

The fast food giant certainly had people smiling when it was announced that  sweet potato fries would be introduced to the much-loved menu. The launch of a gourmet breakfast also proved to a huge hit. 

Then, the all-day breakfast menu was announced and we couldn’t believe our luck. Of course, the dreamy breakfast ideal has yet to be launched in Ireland, but we remain hopeful.

In attempts to remain the go-to fast food chain, McDonalds announced that 14,000 restaurants in the US will add mozzarella sticks to the menu. 

McDonald's mozz sticks

The best part: the price is $1 (€0.93).

The company is believed to be making the cheap – and delicious – new addition in attempts to reverse declining sales from the last quarter.

“We will win with our food,” said Mike Andres, president of McDonald’s USA about the recent struggle. 

Cheese-filled deliciousness for 93c sounds like a big winner to us.

Now, we shall just have to wait and see if these gloriously cheap snacks are going to make an appearance on Irish shores. 

Deep-fried goodness for less than €1? Oh, and let us not forget that they also come with a marinara flavoured dip. Fabulous. Just imagine the scenes.

Our lunch time snack options may have just been transformed, everything in moderation after all.