If you grew up on a diet of Dirty Dancing quotes and regularly attempt to re-enact the moves after a vino or seven, then chances are you'd love to visit the resort which played as big a role in the 1987 movie as Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze.

And here's the thing; you actually can…. as long as you remember to head to Virginia, not New York as the movie would suggest.



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The Kellerman Resort, as it was known in the film, actually goes by the name Mountain Lake Hotel, and is located in Pembroke, Virginia.

Unsurprisingly, the resort routinely pays tribute to the classic feel-good film, with three Dirty Dancing-themed weekends every year.

That's right, you can actually recreate scenes from the movie in the very place it was filmed thirty years ago.


Dirty Dancing Remembered!

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Oh, and if your obsession with the movie runs to the stalkerish and you've any Stateside visits earmarked for the future, you can even stay in the cabin Baby and her family stayed in during that fateful summer back in 1963.

Ladies, we feel a search for flights coming on…