Us ladies have it tough. Not only do we have to suffer from annoying periods once a month, but we also have to put up with the cramps, crankiness and cravings that come with them. Boo.

Some would debate that PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is not a true condition, but we beg to differ. Any woman who’s every unexpectedly started crying during an episode of Friends while nursing a tub of Ben & Jerry’s will know that PMS is very, very real.

Here are ten thoughts you’ve no doubt had before or during your time of the month…

1. “I need all the chocolate. All.”
Some days you don’t give that Dairy Milk in the fridge a second thought, other days you’d happily scoff down two bars in a row and still want more. And it’s not just chocolate. Any food in your eye line can and will be eaten.

2. “Surely I’m not the only one crying during the X Factor results show?”
Chloe Jasmine didn’t deserve to lose that sing-off. She’s so LOVELY. *sobs*

3. “God, the Six One News is just really sad tonight…”
Why do bad things happen to good people?

4. “Ow. Bloated.”
The only thing that can help this is a hot water bottle and some duvet time. But of course that crampy, bloated feeling will usually start just as you’re getting dressed for Saturday night drinks. Thanks, Mother Nature. You’re a real dinger.

5. “So tiiiiiired.”
After all that eating and duvet time, the next natural step is to just close your eyes and have a little nap. C’mon, you’ve earned it.

6. “Christ, everyone is so annoying today.”
You never noticed before just how many questions your parents ask. And must everyone be so LOUD?

7. “Or is it me? Am I the annoying one?”
Those fickle hormones. You can never tell if it’s real PMS or if you’re just in one heck of a bad mood. Hopefully it’s the former.

8. “I really want to have sex.”
Why is it that the second our period arrives, we’re dying for some great sex? Just another one of nature’s “quirks.” So unfair!

9. “Oh, a breakout. Great.”
Whether you suffer from bad skin regularly or just around your time of the month, hormonal breakouts are just the worst. Resist the temptation to squeeze!

10. “I’m just so full of emotion right now.”
Who knew Jack Johnson’s music made you so nostalgic? Nothing for it but to weep quietly until the song is over.