It's a great thing when you find something you love and it ends up being your job.

It's what everybody wants – but unfortunately not everyone can achieve it, except for this female pilot.


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Maria Pettersson is from Sweden and is a stunning Ryanair pilot.

It's clear that she loves her job and in a recent post on her blog, she said: "Once you have tasted flying you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards- if this is true, you know aviation and flying is for you."


Fly as Air, Flow with Water. Happy mind = Happy life Island Life before work

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And not only does her blog show off stunning scenes from the pilot's cockpit, but her Instagram account displays what the life of a pilot is like – and people can't get enough of it.

Full of shots from inside the plane, her work wardrobe and some of the stunning destinations she flies to, it's easy to see why she has more than 180,000 followers.


Great crew have great days together Yesterday with this amazing team flying to Rome and Pisa

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One fan wrote on her page, "You are beautiful and can be anything you want but never give up flying. I love your positive, crazy, have fun attitude!"

Another said, "You're IG is becoming my online happy place," and another fan wrote, "You are an inspiration… Showed this to my daughter and told her that she can be anything she can put her mind to."


Selfie with my metal bird. Wish you all a great start of the week

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Are you as obsessed as we are now?!