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The development of a safe and effective male contraceptive has long been a goal of medical professionals (and frustrated women) everywhere. 

For years now, the responsibility of pregnancy-prevention has fallen on female partners, many of whom struggle with side-effects brought on by hormonal contraceptives, while a lot men go-on as if they never attended a sex-education class in their lives. 

As it stands, men only have two options when it comes to birth control – condoms or a vasectomy. However, that could all be about to change with the introduction of a new contraceptive gel for men. 

The gel, which is used to temporarily decrease sperm count in men, is due to be tested in April of next year. 

The clinical trail is set to run for about four years and will be the largest hormonal male contraceptive test in the US to date. 

So, how does it work? 

The new gel is rubbed into men's upper arms and shoulders everyday, allowing two two synthetic hormones, testosterone and a form of progestin, to soak into their bloodstreams. 

Speaking to Technology Review, Diana Blithe, program director for contraception development at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, part of the National Institutes of Health, said:“It’s not a lot of effort. It’s just remembering to use it every day.”

So far, the method has proved effective in an initial six-month study by significantly reducing the sperm count for 89 per cent of men.

What's more, results showed there was a complete absence of sperm production in 78 per cent of men.

However, while these results might look promising, it will likely be several years before the product becomes available to the public. 


At last!

Scientists are one step closer to producing a male contraceptive pill and it’s an entirely plant-based remedy.

Researchers at the University of Berkeley have discovered that a compound found naturally in olives, grapes and mangos could be used to produce the world’s first unisex contraception.

The group have identified two chemicals that could work to hinder the sperm’s ability to fertilize the egg.

The natural substitute to hormonal medication could produce the same effect as the morning after pill if taken within five hours of unprotected sex.

What’s more, scientists also revealed that the findings could potentially pave the way for the development of a male contraceptive pill.

According to The Daily Mail, the study’s co-author, Dr Polina Lishko, explained: ‘It is not toxic to sperm cells – they still can move. But they cannot develop this powerful stroke, because this whole activation pathway is shut down.’’

‘’This is a potentially safer morning after pill, regular Pill, and a future male contraceptive. Essentially it is a future version of a unisex contraceptive.’’

The natural alternative is a breakthrough not only in terms of male contraceptives, but also for those women who struggle to take hormonal contraception due to its many side-effects. 


Let's face it ladies. Whether you are popping a pill everyday or got a literal bar inserted into your arm, women totally take the brunt of the hassle when it comes to contraception. 

And perhaps that fair enough considering we are the ones who can get pregnant, but would you rely on a male contraceptive device?

Because this may be a real possibility in the near future. 

The Bimek SLV is being described as a "sperm switch" which essentially allows a man to be able to switch off his sperm. 


Yep, this little device allows it's user to be able to temporarily block his own sperm tubes and the SLV can be inserted into the man's penis in a half-hour long operation. 

The device is currently being tested but the company hopes to raise five million dollars through crowdfunding to bring the project to the mainstream. 

We think this sounds like a handy little gizmo, but not sure we would be jumping to have a proper operation on our privates…