Six months ago, Kylie Jenner permanently inked her love for Tyga on her ankle. 

The reality TV teen got a 't' tattoo for her now ex boyfriend. 

Since their split, Kylie has gotten the tattoo covered up, relying on artistic expertise to transform the t into the LA sign. 

Tyga has also used his body art collection to showcase his love for Kylie, opting to get her name tattooed in bold on his inner right arm, as part of his extensive collection. 

You'd think this would be a lesson in possibly reconsidering getting matching tattoos with people, but Kylie has since gotten another new inking to match her rumoured new beau Travis Scott. 

The makeup mogul and the hip hop star got matching butterfly tattoos on their ankles two weeks ago. 


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Kylie is continually adding to her collection of teeny tatts. 

She has four others, all of which are red, and include a tiny heart on the back of her left arm, the word 'sanity' on her hip, the letter "m" on her middle finger and the signature of her grandmother Mary-Jo on her inner elbow.