It's looking like fans who want to get up close and personal with Mariah Carey, might not get close at all – even if you do pay €640 to meet her.

According to reports, the singer's bodyguards warns fans to keep their hands to themselves when going to meet the Hero singer during the pricey meet and greets.

A source told The Sun: "There were strict instructions for fans. No kissing, touching, grabbing or hugging Mariah. She was allowed to touch fans but they were told by bodyguards they weren't to touch her."

Nearly 650 quid is a bit pricey to just stand and stare at the singer, but her fans don't seem to mind.

"Everyone has been very respectful of the rule so far," the source said.

"Most of them are just so excited to meet Mariah they haven't cared too much about the fact they have to keep their distance. But a few fans have been grumbling it's a bit unfair."

We doubt Mariah will ever stop with her diva behaviour, and she'll probably amp it up a bit while she films her new reality show

Ah, the lives of the rich and famous.