So we all love a sneaky McDonald's every now and again, and it's safe to say many of us opt for the Big Mac as our main meal.

The two-burger patty is drenched with Maccy D's secret sauce, and while we're lobbing the calories into us, it's just so, so tasty.

Then why change it, you ask? Well, the fast food chain isn't actually changing any of the ingredients, BUT it has created the Mac Jr and the Grand Mac.

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Basically, a smaller and bigger version of the burger. But people are fuming.

In April, it was only supplied to chains in Texas, but after scoring a major hit, it was rolled out to all US states this week.

However, many people are still complaining:

We're guessing if they're a hit in America, they're going to be rolled out over here too. Brace yourselves…