Edele Lynch of B*Witched fame way back in the 90s, has entered the Celebrity Big Brother house – because she wants a ‘clean slate’.

“I want to go into the Big Brother house to press the reset button, clean the slate and start again.”

Yes, because no one EVER comes out of the Big Brother house with all their secrets revealed and their dignity in shreds….

She’s already off to a bad start as she’s said that people are going to hate her – especially when she’s got her period – which, by the way, WILL be happening while she is inside the house:

“I am very blunt, and sometimes too honest. If you don’t want to know how big your bum is in your jeans, don’t ask me.

“If you leave the toilet dirty, that is going to wreck my head. And if I’m at my time of the month, they’re not going to like how I react.

“That time of the month will happen in the house, yes.”

Phew, thank God we know! How else would we have coped?

Edele will be joined by Lauren Goodger, David McIntosh (Kelly Brook’s fiancé) and White Dee from Benefit Street.

Darren Sutherland’s former manager Kellie Maloney, who recently announced her sex change and will formally be known as Frank, will also be in the house.

We can’t really see Edele and Lauren hitting it off… will the claws be coming come out?!