Some days work is just too hectic to make proper time for lunch, and the only option is to inhale  a ready-made sandwich at your desk while trying to get other tasks done.

However a new study discovered that eating meals away from home on a regular basis could contribute to weight gain, loss of nutrients and higher cholesterol.

Researchers focused on over 8,000 participants in the UK during the course of five years and discovered that where we eat our meals has just as much impact as what we are actually eating.

"We found participants who ate six or more meals a week away from home had a higher body mass index and lower concentrations of high-density lipoprotein – a molecule that removes excess cholesterol from the blood," said Ashima Kant, the leader of the study. 

She noted that the results did not just relate to those who ate fast food but also those who ate healthy pre-prepared choices.

According to recent figures, almost one third of Irish women are overweight, and over one quarter are obese.

While it can be impossible to eat fresh, homemade food at your kitchen table for every meal, perhaps the key here is to at least try to eat breakfast and dinner at home if nothing else!