Office spaces can often be dreary and dull, especially if you work in an environment without a lot of light or with cubicle dividers.

It might not surprise you to know that sitting in a grey, uncomfortable and unwelcoming environment for eight hours a day can have a negative impact on your mood and even your health.

But it's much easier than you'd think to brighten up your desk space and make it more warm and inviting.

Here are a few tips…

1. Make the space personal to you
Bring your desk or cubicle to life with some framed photos and bright artwork. We love how much these fun prints brighten up this decidedly dull desk area:


2. Prettify your storage boxes
Wooden storage boxes like these can be picked up cheaply in Ikea or other homeware stores. Simply apply a layer of masking tape around the box, two inches above the bases, and paint the area below the tape in a calming colour like green or blue. Instant zen!



3. Make books, files and notepads into desk decoration
Rather than  stacking books and files in a messy pile or loading them onto your in-tray, get or make some cute bookends and display your things with pride! It'll help to de-clutter your desk, too.



4. Keep your desk as clean and minimalist as you can
The more clutter on your desk, the smaller it will feel. Try to clean it at the end of every day so that all files and notes are tucked away. 



5. Get a killer wall planner
Rather than writing meeting notes on scraps of paper, get a wipe-clean wall planner or calendar, like this framed one which can be written on with dry-erase markers.



6. Light your space up
If your desk does not get much natural light and you're sick of fluorescent bulbs, consider getting a lamp or a string of fairy lights to add warmth to your work space. Missing the bright natural light? Try a full-spectrum bulb in your lamp, which imitates sunlight.



7. Bring nature indoors
A desk plant can go a long way to making your workspace feel calmer and more open. If you travel a lot or don't trust yourself to keep it alive, try an air plant like a tillandsia which doesn't need watering.