There are plenty of things all offices need – Google HQ style nap pods, a fully stocked snack pantry (with free snacks, obvs) and perhaps a tipple of gin from time to time. 

Galwegians are known for their amazing humour and love of the craic, and going out and having a few G&Ts is all part of the Galway charm.

Not one but two Galway businesses have taken it upon themselves to incite joy in the hearts of their employees by installing gin water coolers in their offices. 

Yup, gin water coolers. 

First up we have popular Galway bar An Pucan who are clearly as obsessed with gin as we are with their commitment to the stuff. 

Secondly, the Connacht Hotel is getting in on the action by creating their very own cooler of the delicious spirit. 

It is not known if the guys at both businesses just slapped a Gunpowder label on water gallons or actually took the time to fill them up with gin, but either way, we're inspired. 

We'll be petitioning for one in our office ASAP.