Experts are now saying that calorie counting apps or fitness bands are causing people to actually put on weight, rather than lose it.

Online forum users are saying that despite the apps telling them that they’ve burned a lot of calories, they are weighing more than they should be on the scales. Apparently this is down to the apps not being totally accurate, leading users to believe they’ve burned more calories than they actually have, and so they think they can afford to eat more food.

The problem with the apps is that they don’t take into consideration individual circumstances – such as if they’re on medication, or if they’re pregnant. It also doesn’t consider the kinds of foods they’re eating.

However, they’re not ALL bad. New York based personal trainer Matt Townsend says: “My clients use them as an excuse to walk a few extra blocks, go for a water break, take the stairs instead of the elevator and many other situations where you would often pass on physical exercise.

“The key here is to not over-consume the calories you are working hard to burn off. Fitness bands can help you find a way to sneak in cardio while also lowering stress levels, raising energy and, of course, ensuring your clothes fit the right way.”

Looks like the moral of the story is to use your head, as well as your app!