Superstore’s Nico Santos ties the knot to partner Zeke Smith

Congratulations are in order for Nico Santos and his partner Zeke Smith as they have tied the knot. 

The Superstore actor and former Survivor contestant got married over the weekend in Palm Springs, California. 

Nico and Zeke have been an item for nearly six years and got engaged in 2022 when Smith popped the big question during the GLAAD Media Awards.


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Before their wedding, the couple spoke to People about their big day, with Zeke revealing, “For us, we've been together for almost six years. We own a home together, have a joint bank account. We're each other's emergency contacts. By all sorts of usual metrics we are married”.

"But actually having the ceremony, making it legal, it's about becoming a family. We're in it forever. Through thick and thin and easy and hard. We're going to be the person that's there for the other one”.

Nico then admitted, “Weddings and getting married, I never thought this would be part of my life”.


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Zeke added, “Now that we've done all this planning and the meaning and the significance of the day is dawning upon us, I'm just really excited”.

“We come from very different places, and yet, despite our vastly different upbringings and life stories, we’ve found a home within each other”.

The former reality star continued, “The wedding has made us grow as a couple. And in any growth situation, there are going to be speed bumps and it's going to be hard”.

“But it has really kind of forged us to the next level of intimacy and trust. All that matters is you, me, I do's and forever”.


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Mark McKinney, known for his role as Glenn in Superstore, officiated Nico and Zeke’s wedding on Saturday, November 4. 

Many of Santos’ other Superstore co-stars also attended the ceremony with Ben Feldman, Colton Dunn, Nichole Sakura, Jon Barinholtz, Kaliko Kauahi, Irene White and Lauren Ash all showing up to celebrate Nico and Zeke’s wedding. 

Former Survivor contestants Hannah Shapiro and Bret LaBelle were also in attendance.

During their ceremony, the lovebirds included a reading from Shakespeare, a veil and cord ceremony and read iconic lines from romantic comedies, as well as incorporating nods to both of their cultures.