Super powers every girl wishes she had


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We love being girls but sometimes it can be really hard. From extensive beauty regimes to navigating perilous social situations, we really could do with a little help. Here are the 10 super powers we think every girl should have.

1. The ability to create a sassy group musical number instantly
There are moments when words just aren’t enough. An acquaintance totally ‘Mean Girls’ you, an ex turns up with his new girlfriend or the shop was out of Ben & Jerry’s. We want choreographed dance moves, backing singers, a catchy melody and someone doing back flips, dammit!

2. Time travel
For those times you say/do something incredibly idiotic.

3. Instant outfit changes
Mornings would be so much easier. Parties would be so much easier. Bumping into that girl you hated in school while you’re wearing old tracksuit bottoms and no make-up would be so much easier.

4. Mind reading
How else will we ever know what guys are thinking? Or what girls are thinking? Or whether our cat really is plotting our demise…?

5. The power to teleport 
Extra hour in bed every morning. #winning

6. Jerk radar
Think how many horrific dates and relationships we could have avoided, as well as the frenemies we might never have made

7. X-ray vision
…we know it’s wrong, but sometimes we’d really just like to take a peek at what’s underneath.

8. The ability to turn our computers on instantly
Why does it always take so long?

9. Knowing exactly what make-up will suit our complexion
Think of the thousands of euro you would have saved on the wrong shades of foundation, lipstick, blush, concealer…

10. Telekinesis
Sunday morning hangover.“Oh hello tea and Netflix – how nice that I didn’t need to leave my bed for you…”