SUED for sexual assault and €55k in debt: Tyga’s in BIG legal trouble

He's living in Kylie Jenner's €2.7m Calabasas mansion and casually dropped €300k on a Ferrari for her back in August… but under the surface Tyga is facing some serious financial issues.

The rapper has been sued for the second time this year, and this case is set to cost him tens of thousands. What's more, he's already gotten a slap on the wrist from a judge after failing to pay up what he owes.

The dad-of-one was sued by dancer Allison Brown, who claims she was mistreated on one of his video shoots, given excess alcohol and "coerced" into taking off her top. She also alleges that a man – not believed to be Tyga – grabbed one of her breasts during filming. 

As Tyga was in charge of the video shoot, he took the brunt of the case, and settled a €45,000 deal with the dancer, according to TMZ.

However after he failed to pay more than half that amount, a judge has stepped in, ordering Tyga to clear the balance owed, plus another €10,000 in legal fees.

On top of the money owed to Allison is another €17,000 in taxes which Tyga owes the state of California.

The rapper reportedly underpaid his taxes in the years 2009, 2010 and 2011, and the debt finally caught up with him this year.

After getting into trouble with his landlord for overdue rent to the tune of €45,000 back in July, it has not been a good year for Tyga's bank balance.

Kylie is believed to have helped Tyga on the rent issue – and let him live for free in her house – but we doubt she'll be keen to help with his latest legal debacle.