Struggling with sunburn? Home remedies to soothe your skin


We were finally treated to some glorious weather over the long weekend.

Thanks to the high temperatures, we flocked to the beach, the local park and to barbeques to embrace that sweet sunshine.

As we waved goodbye to the bank holiday weekend and returned to work, college and school, many of us have been left suffering from some brutal sunburn.


Health experts always stress the importance of wearing sunscreen, especially during the summer months, however, many people tend to neglect their skin and fail to realise just how dangerous sunburn can be.

We all know just how painful sunburn can be so we have gathered up a list of home remedies that will soothe your pain in no time.

1: Sit back and relax in the bath with a good book. Simply add some lavender or chamomile essential oil to your bath and your skin will be sting-free.

2: To soothe that nasty sunburn on your face freeze some cucumbers and then blend them until they form a paste. The cucumber will also help soften your skin when it starts to peel.

3: Always keep some aloe vera at home as it will be your saviour when you or your kiddos are sunburnt. It has strong healing remedies and has often been hailed as the perfect natural remedy for burns.

4: You may not believe this but potatoes can also help ease your pain. Boil and peel the potatoes, and then let them cool. Apparently, the starch in potatoes draws out heat which will help cool your skin and relieve some discomfort.

5: Staying hydrated will speed up your recovery. Your skin is extremely dehydrated when you’re sunburned, so make sure to boost your water intake.

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in Ireland and the fifth most common cancer in the United Kingdom.

Protecting your skin is vital and applying sun cream should be part of your daily skincare regime. The home remedies mentioned above may help ease the pain of sunburn, but it is far easier to just protect your skin from the sun.

Experts encourage the public to apply a sunscreen with a good UVA and UVB protection, with a four- or five-star rating and a high SPF, especially from April to September.

Don’t forget to protect your skin this summer!