Storm Gertrude sent this bunny SOARING but he lives to tell the tale

Storm Gertrude has had some devastating effects on the country but it nearly claimed the life of one particularly unfortunate household pet. 

The unassuming rabbit was riding out the near-hurricane force winds in his hutch situated in his owners back garden when a particularly strong gust blew the hatch upwards sending the rabbit sailing up onto the roof of the house. 

Bumper the rabbit, who hails from Omagh in Northern Ireland, was found safe but unfortunately rather inconvenienced after finding himself up on the roof. 

Following a call for help, the local fire service arrived on the scene where they managed to coax Bumper with a carrot. 

"Bravo Watch Omagh came to the rescue of Bumper the Rabbit this morning, after Storm Gertrude blew over his hutch catapulting him onto the roof of this bungalow," said a spokesperson for the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service. 

"Bumper is now safe in the care of his owner and none the worse for his ordeal. One short extension ladder, one reach pole, and one particularly tasty carrot were used by personnel at the incident."

Great news, but maybe just let the poor bunny inside next time?