Store sends customer a shocking email over complaint


This is just crazy – can you imagine actually being sent the following email after you make a legitimate complaint to a company?

DollsKill is a an alternative-style clothing store that can cater for all your quirky needs, and we must admit some of their items are quite cool – their attitude however, not so much.

A customer wrote to the clothing company complaining about a piece of Native American style headdress they had on their website, to which they received this, frankly horrific reply:

“Hey doll,

The last thing DollsKill would be/represent is Racist – we love and value individuality and originality! Our company was created to represent dolls of all flavours/colors/ideals/etc – we’re here for the Misfits, Miss Legits, and EVERYTHING in between!

I’m sorry if that costume offended you, but to call us “racist” is pretty RIDICULOUS.

We’re a brassy, sassy, stick it up your asssyy kinda company – not for the easily offended norm culture, so take a chill pill and get your panties out of bunch…because it ain’t that serious cutie ;)”

Wherever you may stand on the cultural appropriation of the Native American headdress, I think everyone can agree this is so NOT the way to deal with someone who lodges a complaint.

Can you imagine receiving an email like that after you complained about something?!

Then again, maybe we just need to take a "chill pill!"?!