Still not sure what mindfulness is? The RAIN technique will explain all

Whether it’s going for walks, coffee breaks with friends or a weekly yoga class, we all know how necessary that glorious ‘me time’ can be. 

Taking some time out of your busy day to focus on yourself is hugely beneficial for your body and mind, and it's not as difficult or time-consuming as you might think.

Mindfulness is the practise of simply being aware of your emotions and accepting them for what they are. 

The technique is best described with the acronym RAIN

R – Recognise the emotions you’re feeling

A – Accept the experience you’re having

I – Investigate your experience. Where are the emotions in your body?

N – Non-identification – remember that the emotions you are experiencing are only temporary and do not define you.

Benjamin Reisterer, a therapist at Mindful Counselling GR, described the practice:

"It's really about just slowing down and paying attention in a non-judgmental way."

"Take a deep breath and really understand what's upsetting you in that moment you can communicate on more of a mindful level and a more authentic and respectful level."

He added, "The more that you slow down and kind of pay attention to it the more you'll understand what's going on and how it's affecting you.’’

Benjamin also created, MetaFi, a mindfulness app, designed to help strengthen the user's emotional connection between their mind and body. 

He likened mindfulness to physical exercise. The more you do it, the stronger you get.

"The more you do it, the more results that you have. But if we're really paying attention to the physiological responses, sometimes that's our first clue to what we're actually experiencing in that moment."

By simply taking the time to become aware of our emotions and letting them exist as they are, we can regain some control and over time develop a healthier, more positive outlook on life,