Still feel a bit off from the weekend? This ice cream will cure a hangover

It's officially summer season, and summer season means summer pints and summer G&Ts. Ooops.

It's safe to say when the sun hits we can get a little carried away, and end up with a hangover that goes on for daaaays.

Some of us turn to a greasy fry-up or a crazy smoothie to keep the demons in our heads and bellies at bay – But, over in Asia, they have a very different approach and we totally love it.

Ice cream. Yep, ICE CREAM. 

Grapefruit flavoured ice cream bars have been introduced in South Korea and claim to totally reverse the symptoms of a hangover.

The wonderful ice cream bars, known as Gyeondyo-bar (or the hang-in-there bar) contain an ingredient from raisin tree extract, which has been known to cure hangovers in Korea since the 17th century.

It may be a while until they hit our shores, but imagine the relief of eating an ice cream AND curing your hangover all at once? Yes, please…