Star under investigation for twerking naked in public


When we feel like doing something a little crazy, we usually just go on a major shopping spree – what we don’t do, is skip around town naked.

Sound outrageous? Well, not to American model and reality star Gabi Grecko, who did exactly that this week.

Yes, Australian authorities are reportedly investigating into Gabi’s possible arrest after she stripped naked and skipped and twerked her way through Melbourne.

If authorities decide to take action, the 25-year-old could be charged with offensive behaviour or willful and obscene exposure.

In what was reportedly a stunt for Sneaky magazine, Gabi bared all in nothing but a green wig, stilettos and a long veil, with children among the numerous passers-by who got an eyeful of the star.

Appearing on Nine News after footage of the prank was released, Gabi insisted that the stunt was all in the name of ‘art’.

“I don’t want to upset the Australian law enforcement, I really have respect for them. To me it’s fashion, to me it’s art – to other people I’m naked on the street. I’m not ashamed of my body and I’m confident.”

Oh dear, it looks like this could turn out to be a pretty costly piece of art.