Star terrorised by stalker who thinks they are married


As scary stalker stories go, Lindsay Lohan’s has to be right up there in terms of utter creepiness.

The actress is allegedly being stalked by a 37-year-old man who thinks he is her husband.

We have the shivers already.

Daniel Vorderwulbecke recently appeared in court for charges related to an assault on a doorman at London’s Playhouse Theatre, where Lindsay was making her West End debut, and the shocking extent of his behaviour towards the actress was revealed.

As well as punching the doorman in the face after being refused access to Lohan in the London theatre, Vorderwulbecke has supposedly bombarded the Mean Girls star with over a thousand text messages.

The prosecutor in the case revealed the shocking nature of the man’s obsession with Lohan, telling the court: “The defendant believes he is married to Miss Lohan and has harassed her…..This has been going on over a period of time and the concern is he could continue to contact her as he still believes she is his wife.”

Utterly terrifying. Poor Lindsay.

The alleged stalker, who refers to himself as King Lionheart, has been released on bail, with the trial adjourned until next month.