Star makes a very cheeky dig at his ex-girlfriend


If it were us, we would be seriously mad over this.

Comedian Russell Brand may have recently split from his heiress girlfriend Jemima Khan, but it looks like he isn’t too bothered by the break-up!

In an interview on The Jonathan Ross Show, Russell appeared to have a little dig at his ex-girlfriend, admitting that the worst part about the split was not being able to see her dog, Brian.


Referring to Jemima’s white Alsatian, the 39-year-old said: “I loved that dog. But what can you do?”

“Life is hard, isn’t it? You just jog on. You focus and think, ‘Well, I have lost that dog, we just have to overthrow the government.’”

Indeed, that’s exactly what goes through our minds at the end of a break-up. Not.

Russell and Jemima dated for the year, with reports of their break-up surfacing last month.

We bet Jemima will be pretty mad when she gets wind of Russell’s comments!