Star lashes out over fake story about deceased co-star


Kelly Osbourne is pretty furious this morning.

The star has taken to social media to blast the press for writing “fictitious” stories regarding Joan Rivers, expressing her anger in a spectacular Twitter rant.

Kelly was clearly riled after a report emerged over the weekend which claimed that the 29-year-old was planning to adopt the deceased comedienne’s dogs.

The article reported that Kelly, who was extremely close her Fashion Police co-star Joan, was keen to take in her four dogs in the wake of her death.

While the article seems pretty harmless, clearly the privacy invasion during such a sad and difficult time has rubbed Kelly up the wrong way.

The reality star vented her fury this morning, tweeting: “WTF is wrong w/ people, why can’t you just let her RIP? Instead U [sic] still choose 2 write fictitious stories about her dogs to make $! #Sickening”.

Kelly was devastated after Joan’s passing last month, releasing a statement in which she said that she was “completely heartbroken”, describing Joan as “my teacher, therapist, closest friend, inspiration and the only grandmother I ever knew.”

Poor Kelly. With Joan’s unexpected death still so raw, it must be extremely difficult to have to face these kinds of stories each day.