Star breaks down on live TV over love for ex-boyfriend


Lauren Goodger broke down on Celebrity Big Brother last night claiming she is not over her ex-boyfriend.

Lauren dated TOWIE co-star, Mark Wright for eleven years until they split in 2011. Mark is now engaged to Michelle Keegan and they are thought to be getting married very soon.

We’re hoping that it wasn’t Mark that Lauren is pining after, but a more recent ex, Jack McLean.

Also, it is well known that Lauren has been hit with a gagging order banning her from speaking about Mark. 

The TOWIE actress cried to CBB co-star Edele Lynch, saying: “I’m not over my ex. I try to convince myself that I am over him but I’m not. I know he has a bad track record but he ain’t that guy anymore. When he was in my life he would never let anyone say a bad word about me. But what have I done? I’ve fu**ed it up.”

The heartbroken admission comes after her in-house relationship with Geordie Shore’s Ricci has seemingly come to an end.

Jack and Lauren fell out when a sex-tape starring the TOWIE beauty was leaked online. Though Lauren did later say she wasn't certain he was the one behind the video's mysterious appearance online. 

Poor Lauren, it’s not easy mending a broken heart – no matter who caused it.