Star being sued by her former assistant


Oh dear, it’s not a good time for Mariah Carey, is it?

After her vocal disaster at the tree lighting in Rockefeller Centre earlier this month, there is yet more bad news for the star.

According to reports, she is being sued by a former assistant, who is seeking ‘a significant amount of money’ for being overworked.

A report in Page Six claims that 49-year-old Ylser Oliver is bringing a lawsuit against Mariah over the fact that she was forced to work seven days a week and 16-hour days without receiving overtime.

Oliver is also claiming that she wasn’t given meal breaks during her seven years of service to the All I Want for Christmas star.

Wow! That doesn’t sound fair to us either. Maybe she should have gotten out before the seventh year?

As well as seeing to Mariah’s ‘personal needs’ (whatever that is), Oliver was also tasked with cleaning the singer’s home and packing her suitcases.

Now, after quitting her post in June of this year, the former assistant is looking for payback.

Oliver’s lawyer told the court: “My client put her family’s life on hold while tending to Mariah Carey’s family, and Mariah repaid her by underpaying her…Even celebrities are required to abide by the law.”