Stacey Solomon shares empowering body positive message

Stacey Solomon is keeping it real in her most recent Instagram post, in which she talks about feeling insecure while taking her baby girl swimming.

32-year-old Stacey is a proud mum-of-four, and welcomed the birth of her youngest child, Rose, just four months ago, during a magical homebirth. Taking to social media yesterday evening, Stacey shared a beautiful unedited bikini snap with her 5M Instagram followers, documenting the moment her darling daughter went swimming for the first time.

“Rose’s first swims,” Stacey lovingly wrote in the caption, adding, “She loved it so much. Although there were definitely moments when it looked like she wasn’t too pleased with the water the way she was splashing it.”

“I forgot how magical those first swims are, even though it feels like yesterday we were taking Rex for his first swim now he’s cannon balling in.”

Stacey then goes on to candidly share that she had a little moment of feeling insecure while getting changed for the pool. “Then I remembered how grateful I am that my body has grown the loves of my life,” she continued.

“For anyone else who hears that mean little voice from time to time. Tell it to get lost and be quiet because it’s lying. You’re so beautiful and your body is incredible. No matter what some of the things we see will lead us to believe,” her empowering message read.

Since sharing this uplifting post, Stacey’s Instagram has been flooded with comments of love and support from friends and fans. 

“I can’t !!!! Toooooo cute,” Stacey’s Loose Women co-star Nadia Sawalha sweetly wrote.

“Rose you have the sweetest little smile,” Sophie Hinchliffe, aka Mrs. Hinch, lovingly commented, adding, “and Mama you look HOT”.

“What a role model to woman/young girls posting a picture of a real body, not edited! Amazing,” one follower gushed.

Replying to all the comments, Stacey emotionally wrote, “This is the sweetest thread of comments. Love you all so much.”