Spring Nail Inspo: 9 mini egg nail designs perfect for Easter


Neutral nails are perfect for everyday use, but there really is nothing better than getting a sweet, themed manicure to match a special occasion. 

With Easter just less than two weeks away, it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to a lush new set of spring nails, and few things scream ‘Easter’ more than those addictive, pastel Cadbury mini eggs!

That’s right — this year we’re obsessed with mini eggs-themed nail designs and we’re not ashamed to admit it! They’re cute and colourful, happy and bright and are sure to put a pep in your step this spring season.

If you’re stuck for inspiration and looking for some stunning spring nail designs to show your manicurist, then read on because we’ve curated the perfect list of mini egg nail designs. From subtle and understated to obvious and bold, there really is something for everyone!

The Classic

If basic is your MO, then this is the design for you. It’s simple, yet effective and very on theme.


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Pastel tips with a Black Speckled Base

We love this option for those who might be looking for something a bit different. The rainbow pastel tips match perfectly with the mini egg colours, and the nude base really helps the speckles stand out.

Mini Egg Swirls

70’s swirls were a huge nail trend last year, and it seems the style is still quite popular.

Hatchable Mini Egg Nails

Such a fun twist on the classic french tip. We’re in love with these hatched egg designs – perfect for farmyard lovers!

Chocolate drips

If you’d prefer to lean into the confectionary angle, then this is the nail design for you. They almost look good enough to eat!

Monochrome Mini Eggs

If you’re a neutral gal who feels like branching out a bit with your nails this spring, then this could be the inspiration you need.

Flower Power

Alternatively, if you love having fun with your nails and only want a tiny nod to the mini egg theme, then this style could be a winner!

Half and Half

Ok, so you want to jazz things up with your nails this Easter, but you don’t want to go all out… the solution? Half and half!

Mini Egg Bunny Tips

How cute are these? The egg shaped tips really pull the whole design together.