Spotted! Michael Fassbender did an ad for Guinness WAY back in 2004

He might be an Oscar-nominated actor with a string of model girlfriends these days, but rewind ten years and Michael Fassbender wasn't quite so widely known.

Two years before 300 and four before Hunger, the Kerry native was making a name for himself as "the fella who jumped into the sea" in a VERY well-known Guinness ad.

It's been 11 years since the ad was released on Irish TV, but it popped up on Reddit this week and gave us all a serious dose of nostalgia.

In case you don't recall Michael's Guinness debut, he has an argument with his bestie and decides he needs to make his way to New York to say he's sorry (and buy him a round).

The Cliffs of Moher, Times Square and even that road ball sculpture on the Naas Rd all feature, set to the soundtrack of that oh-so Irish pop song, Mic Christopher's Heyday.

Watch it and prepare to feel a lot of love for Ireland and its most attractive export… we're talking about Guinness, of course.