Spotlight Oral Care scoops sustainable business impact award


Spotlight Oral Care, who celebrate five years in business this month, are honoured to have received the Excellence in SME award for their Zero Waste Box™ Dental Aligner Recycling Program with TerraCycle™, an innovative solution to dental aligner pollution.

The Sustainable Business Impact Awards, hosted by Chambers Ireland, showcase best practices in sustainable development and social responsibility undertaken by companies of all sizes across Ireland. The UN Sustainable Development Goals are at the heart of these awards, celebrating sustainable business practices and championing Chambers Ireland’s alignment with the Goals.

Dr. Lisa and Dr. Vanessa Creaven, Spotlight Oral Care Founders, say, “We are thrilled that our Zero Waste Box™ Dental Aligner Recycling Program has been recognised by the Sustainable Business Impact Awards. This program aims to drastically reduce the number of dental aligners that end up in landfills around the world, while bringing attention to this unnecessary plastic pollution.”

About the Dental Aligner Recycling Program

Did you know that 74% of dental aligner patients are concerned about aligners being single-use plastic? When clients asked Dr. Lisa and Dr. Vanessa what to do with their used aligners, they simply didn't have an answer. And once they learned that over 1 billion dental aligners currently lie in landfills around the world, they knew they had to do better for their patients and the planet.

Together with TerraCycle™, they created the Dental Aligner Recycling Program which allows patients and dentists to recycle all brands of dental aligners safely and conveniently from their clinic. Spotlight Oral Care delivers a specialised box, designed to sit neatly and conveniently in the reception area of a dental clinic. From there, clients can deposit their used aligners when they are finished with them. When the box is full, TerraCycle ™ collects the recycling box at no additional cost. From there, the plastic aligners are recycled and manufactured into new plastic products.

Over 50,000 dental aligners have already been saved from landfill.

Dr. Lisa and Dr. Vanessa say, “Our goal at Spotlight Oral Care is to educate and encourage as many dental aligner users as possible to recycle and, in doing so, reduce aligner waste and plastic pollution on a scale that has simply never been done before. Together, we can end dental aligner pollution.”