Sophie Habboo ‘lost herself’ while planning wedding with Jamie

Sophie Habbo has been opening up about planning her wedding. 

The former Made in Chelsea star officially tied the knot to her husband Jamie Laing in Chelsea Town Hall in April, before organising a big celebration with family and friends in Marbella the following month. 

As she reflects back on organising her and Jamie’s lavish wedding celebration with 210 guests, Sophie admitted she ‘lost herself’ and felt ‘incredibly overwhelmed’ amid all of the planning. 

While chatting to MailOnline, the 30-year-old said, “The build-up to the wedding, as much as it was the most special day of my life, it was incredibly public and while I loved sharing that journey, I lost myself and I felt pulled in every direction… I felt really anxious”.

“I felt incredibly overwhelmed and once we got married, I felt that it was an amazing day, we've done it and we're married now but I needed to get back to feeling like myself”.

After taking a break from social media and the couple’s Newlyweds podcast, Sophie revealed she’s excited to settle back into online life again.

“The best decision was to take some time to myself, ground myself, reevaluate things, and then be able to carry on and root myself”.

“It was so good for me taking time off social media and being by myself. I love being open and I love Newlyweds and the community and everyone being on the journey with us but I needed that time and to have some privacy”.

“I was spreading myself a little bit too thin but now I have boundaries… I am lucky enough that I felt great and ready and so excited to come back”.

The reality star also opened up about how much of a support her husband was for her when she was struggling. 

“Jamie was amazing… I'm very lucky that I have an incredibly supportive husband. Jamie has experienced anxiety and has been open about it and coming out of the other side… He really helped me through it”.

“I am in a much better space now, I feel happy and I almost feel lucky that I went through that period because it has made me grow and learn things… I have grown as a person”.

Sophie then revealed how she’s finding married life now by explaining, “Married life is glorious… it is glorious. It is very nice and feels very calm. We're married now, we're in that zone and it's great… it's like how we were before but knowing that we're never going to be apart… and also not having to plan something for 210 people”.