“Something really bad happened”: X Factor star wakes up in hospital


Former X Factor contestant Stephanie Nala has opened up a about a terrifying incident on Twitter after a night out went wrong.

The singer, who appeared on the most recent series of the TV talent competition, got a fright on Sunday when she woke up in a hospital bed, and took to Twitter to warn her followers to stay safe.

"Did not expect to be in hospital this morning," she wrote. Stephanie's fans were quick to respond, with one writing, "Steph you're worrying me, are you okay baby?" and another saying, "woah what's happened."

After a day of recovery at home, the singer gave some further explanation, though she didn't go into detail.

"Girls especially.. Be so careful when you're out. Something really bad happened to me the other night. Just be extra careful," she wrote in a now-deleted tweet, following it up with another message which read, "Don't want to worry anyone. Just want people to be aware of certain things when they're out. I am all good now and home xxx."

On Saturday night Stephanie had tweeted her excitement at the prospect of a big night out, writing, "Haven't had a good night out in a while. Time to celebrate."

It's unclear what happened later in the evening but we are glad to hear Stephanie is safe and well all the same.