‘Trash’ So, Twitter has responded to THAT first look at Rob & Chyna

When it comes to reality television, it's no secret that the Kardashian family currently have the market cornered.

And while the family's show – and the numerous spin-offs it has had over the years – are often considered a guilty pleasure by the viewing public, that hasn't stopped them tuning in in their millions every week…until now, that is.

While countless are continuously fascinated by the world-famous family's most elusive member, Rob, it seems they're not quite ready for his solo endeavour.

And with the official sneak peek for his reality show –  featuring fiancée Blac Chyna – dropping yesterday, the public took to Twitter in their droves to slam the programme.

Commenting on the trailer which shows the tension which exists within Rob and Chyna's relationship, one Twitter user wrote: "This whole show is just wrong!"

"What's with the violence and drama: if he's texting someone else… Break up!"

"All aboard for the train wreck!" wrote another while someone else commented: "Yup. This teaser is proof that civilization is doomed."

"Seriously? Who the f**k cares about these two a-holes?" questioned yet another.

Luckily for Rob and Chyna, not everyone will feel the need to switch over once it becomes a TV regular.

Some members of the public know that a dose of reality TV when you have the Sunday Night Fear is the only thing for you.

We're with her on that one.