So.. Prince Harry doesn’t want to settle down for a LONG time

We have no doubt that this is not the first time Prince Harry has been asked this particular question. In fact this is probably the one thing Harry has in common with most non-royal individuals his age.

The 31-year old has recently finished a 17-mile trek for Walking With The Wounded. When ITV Britain had a chance to catch up with the royal, they were curious to know if he was “anywhere near” settling down.

His response: "No. There are a lot of things to get done before settling down.”

He added, “everyone looks forward to settling down, but in the meantime its work as usual so let's crack on." 

Is this his way of shrugging off any rumours about his former flame Cressida?

There was speculation he had reunited with the blonde beauty when they were spotted celebrating his birthday together. Her recent breakup from actor Edward Holroft appeared to have further fuelled rumours she and the royal were an item once more.

At the time of his interview, Harry was just over half way through his trek, and seemed eager to get that out of the way before divulging any information about his personal life.

"The support has been amazing," he told People. "People come out to give money, and then when they hear what it's for they put another £20 in." 

The former Army captain added that he intends on continuing his work with veterans for as long as possible:

“The main focus, from my point of view, for the rest of my life anyway is to make sure they get the best support possible.”