So, people are using coat hangers to tan their backs and it’s GENIUS


Fake fan application is a struggle us Irish gals know all too well.

From streaky legs to orange hands, getting the perfect even glow can seem like an impossible task.

And don't even talk to us about those hard-to-reach areas.

Unless you've got somebody willing to lend a tan-mitt covered hand, you're pretty much forced to walk around looking like Ross Geller that time her forgot how to count to five. 

Well, until now. 

In a genius new trend sweeping the internet, women are using the humble coat hanger to achieve the perfect, all-over tan.

Simply attach your mitt to one side of the hanger, apply a generous helping of your favourite tanning product, and voila – you've just found the key to the perfectly bronzed back.

Now, we've seen many beauty hacks in our time, but this might just be our favourite yet.