So, Boyzlife’s Keith Duffy turned down a role on Game of Thrones


Boyzlife and Coronation Street star Keith Duffy has revealed that he had to turn down a chance to be on Game of Thrones.

The singer told The Scottish Sun that he was going to audition for a major part, but had to turn it down because of his Boyzlife obligations.

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"I was asked to audition for a very big part in season seven of Game Of Thrones last October, but we had already signed up for the Boyzlife tour.

"Brian is like a brother to me and there was no question I would pull out," he said.

"The Boyzlife tours are such good fun. I wouldn't want to miss them for anything."

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Keith and Brian McFadden of Westlife fame came together in 2016 to produce Boyzlife, a mix of their former bands, and toured around hotels in Ireland and the UK, where they sang and told stories of their boyband days.

The pair plan to release a track together this year.