So apparently THIS is the age in which you’ll turn into your mother…

We anticipate this moment our entire lives — the moment we well and truly turn into our mothers. For some of us it sneaks up on us, and we never see it coming. For others, it’s a slow progression which we’re acutely aware of. 

One way or another though, that day will come for all of us when we hear ourselves rattling off those famous phrases we used to hear as kids, we’ll see ourselves in the mirror one morning and know exactly where those child-bearing hips came from or where that timeless sense of style originated.

For those of you wondering when that moment will happen, now we know! According to a recent study, we’ll turn into our mothers by the age of 36.

The study commissioned by greeting cards marketplace also found out which traits we pick up from our mums, and some of them may surprise you!

The main trait we pick up from our mum is apparently the same body shape, with nearly a quarter (24%) of survey participants saying they share their build with their mum. But after that, the top five are mostly personality traits, one in five (22%) feeling they get their mum's bossy streak, as well as a fifth (20%) of people feeling they’d inherited the constant need to nag from their mum.

We assume that as we age, we get disillusioned by life and lack vitality but that’s in fact wrong according to the study, with over two-thirds (68%) of respondents saying they enjoy life more with age.

But what are the top 10 things we enjoy the most when we get older? Number one on the list might be the biggest sign of maturity: enjoying a night in over going out. In fact, a massive 92% of adults ranked this as one of the things to enjoy about getting older, making it a #1 sign of adulthood.

This feeling is echoed in a few more of the top 10 – 86% appreciate an early night, and 81% of adults enjoy not going clubbing anymore.

The common thread seems to be about appreciating things a little more deeply; 90.8% of adults ranked spending time on their own as one of the things they enjoyed most about getting older, whilst spending time with family (87%) was also high on the list.

There you have it — another reason to give your mum a break and thank her for helping you to become the wonderful person you are!