Sneaky! GOT’s Sophie got the best (secret) selfie with Ryan Gosling

So you're sitting down to dinner, you turn around, and Ryan Gosling's at the table behind you.

That's exactly what happened to Game Of Thrones star Sophie Turner over the weekend – except we should mention at this point that she was at the SAG Awards, so it's not quite as unusual as spotting Mr. Gosling in your local Supermac's.

But Sophie is a bit of a Gosling fangirl and so she couldn't let this prime opportunity for a selfie go without acting on it. 

How to get the photo you NEED without looking like a total crazed lunatic in front of Ryan Gosling? Take the snap without him noticing, obviously:

"Sorry boys. I'm off the market," Sophie wrote next to the ecstatic shot of her posing in front of an oblivious Ryan.

We love it. 

Of course, Sophie's probably been the subject of a fair few fangirl/fanboy moments herself, considering she stars on one of the most popular TV shows of the last decade.

The actress was at the SAGs with her Game Of Thrones crew, and the show picked up an award for Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Comedy or Drama Series. 

A good hustle all round.